Friday, March 29, 2013

Nuha at 6 months

Having a kid takes away all of your free time. Not that I'm complaining. As soon as I walk thru the door, Nuha will greet me with her toothless smile and outstretched arms. Need to pee? Forget about it! Back aching from lugging around that laptop. Who cares! Once I'm home I cant do anything other then attend to her. And she smells so gooooddd!!

She loves to cling to me now and refuses anybody else when Im around. I even have to sneak out of the house to go to work. Once she sees me fixing my tudung she'll squirm until I take her. Hubs suggested I put on my tudung at the lift. heh.

She's six months now and growing up too fast. Here is a list of her milestones so far.

First smile- at birth (I'm a proud momma!)
First laugh- 2.5 mo
First turn- 3 mo
First solids- 4.5 mo
First crawl- 5.5 mo
First sit- 6 mo

The bad news is that she is still waking up 5-7 times a night. Which equates to panda eyes for me. I can handle the feeding. Its the need to sembang that's a little hard to take. I mean really baby?? Its 3am. Do u really need to practice you vocal chords NOW?? I got a bit smarter this past couple of weeks and wedge her in between hubs and I when she gets on these talk fests at night. Coz itll wake the hubs up n ill fall asleep. But it doesnt always work tho. Coz she kindda gets upset if nobody replies her coos n hubs can sleep thru a storm so I still end up layaning her anyway.

Last week she discovered a new high pitch note in her voice and kept on belting it out. It sounds like a cross between a banshee in pain and a dog howling. She would do this voice every minute of her waking hours. It was like she was fascinated by it. Im happy to note that this has stopped :)

I love love loveeee making her food! She even has favourites now. She simply loves pumpkin and sweet potato. I think it has something to do with the texture. Its thick and smooth as opposed to the grainy texture of rice porridge. She loves honeydew with strawberries, pears with oats and apples with blueberries. Her fave rice porridge are ones cooked with lotsa carrots. She hates spinach tho. Too bad I made a huge batch of these and had to throw em out.

On a different note- I started a new role at work. I am no longer based in Cyberjaya- sob sob, and the job is way more demanding then what I am used to. Forget the long lunch hours I used to take, now its more like- what lunch hour?? I guess I'm paying my dues heh.

I'm unusually free this morning hence this post. I wish today was saturday. Here's to hoping for a fast path to an awesome weekend.

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